Matador of Whitefield

Arrived from Scotland one fabulous pony, Matador of Whitefield, who has joined the team and will be co-running the stud with Dougie. He seems to have settled in well and is the most delightful pony to have around. It has to be said that each and every time I have anything to do with a Highland pony stallion, the more it is re-enforced that they are a joy to handle. There must be exceptions but I have yet to meet one.

Matador of Whitefield now standing at Balleroy Highlands near Lambourn
Matador of Whitefield
Ronnie the new puppy with Ballerroy Highland Ponies

New Addition to the Family

A new addition to the family is Ronnie, who decided that there was a gap in the market when Chalkie left for Green Pastures, and she moved in with us a couple of weeks ago. So nice to have help around the ponies, in the office, driving etc. again - in fact constant company. I think Chalkie must have arranged it for me.


Roscoe has now settled into his new home, leaving me bereft (always a special love of mine, this pony) but I have a feeling that he will be equally loved and treasured by his new owner.

  • Balleroy Roscoe at home
  • Roscoe ridden Highland pony
  • Settled Roscoe

Major Tom

Very pleased to have heard from Major Tom's owner in Wales, with photos of him in harness and the first Balleroy pony to be driven.

  • Major Tom in Wales
  • Highland Pony working in harness in Wales
  • Major Tom in Harness


We also have news of Rigoletto, who is reasonably local and seems in good form.

Balleroy Rigoletto - Highland Pony

Isla, on Dartmoor, is having fun

Isla having fun in Dartmoor

"Yesterday" and I quote "after an enquiry about Pony Club from a parent with two
horse-mad daughters, about whether they needed to own ponies to belong to the pony club, I invited them along to meet my Highlands and to groom Isla, who I knew would enjoy the attention."

"She stood while I showed Saskia how to use the various brushes, lifted her feet for Saskia to practise, after I had picked them out and she stood like a statue while she was patted and chatted to. The child was so nice and so keen and ecstatic about being with a pony that I asked her if she would like to have a sit on Isla; so she borrowed my hat, stuffed with cotton wool for a snug fit, helped me tack her up and then walked and trotted while I chatted to her parents. Dear little Isla. I knew I could trust her. What amazing ponies these Highlands are.

Photo through the ears of Isla."


Nashend Lord Spey
Spey NPS Championship, Malvern

Spey has had an extraordinarily good season, unbeaten as a Highland yearling. The NPS Summer Championships at Malvern, where he was watched by his breeder, Penny Smith, he won the Highland yearling class, much to everyone's delight. And this despite being a bit bright on the day. Manners restored he was 2nd. in a well filled Large Breeds yearling class at Equifest, to a lovely Welsh pony which went on to be supreme champion. No disgrace there.

He will be home after Newbury Show having grown up into a young man under the capable tutelage of Philip.

Rupert at East SolelyAnother pony who has recently returned to the fold after a Summer holiday, surfing and having fun with Mel and Iona in Dorset, is Rupert. Just to remind us what a special pony he is, he is shown here in party mode.

Rupert is Back




 Now Mother's ride, as Monty has finally been 'retired to the paddocks' where his duties are looking after the youngsters.


Stars of the Month

Our stars of the month are Delilah and Pat. Having now qualified for THREE dressage championships this year, Delilah has also taken up jumping, which she loves. It must be remembered that, without giving any secrets away, Pat will soon be twenty score years old - add to that her numerous metal inserts - does this not merit an award in itself?

Pat and Delilah
Pat & Delilah
Delilah jumping
Delilah - Jumping Pony


Imogen, being the only foal this year, is of course becoming very humanised and so far is sweetness itself - time will tell!

Balleroy Imogen
Imogen having a Scratch
Balleroy Rosella
Rosella with her new Mum

Thanks to Facebook

Thanks to Facebook (I never thought that I would say that) I have found the new owner of Rosella, who left here as a youngster to head for the New Forest.

She is now grown up and doing lots of exciting things with her new owner - not least being Supreme Champion at Cadnam Show recently in a ridden class and competing in dressage classes.

Our first Great Grandson

Balleroy Lanark at the Three Counties
Lanark at the Three Counties

Then we have Lanark's (Lanark our first Great Grandson, that is) successes to comment on. He was bought by Polly last year and shown as a yearling at the start of this year, doing fearfully well. Fortunately he and Spey's paths did not cross otherwise it would have been nailbiting time. Lanarks path took him to several venues with Philip Ward-Burton, including Hickstead, where we have not ventured before, but best to date was his appearance at The Royal Three Counties where he convincingly won the Yearling slot. Well done Polly and Philip.

21.7.14 - Nashend Lord Spey

Nashend Lord Spey had his first outing yesterday with Philip Ward-Burton (20/7) and was a creditable 3rd. in a well filled Large Breeds Youngstock class – also Best Yearling. Really pleased as the little fellow behaved beautifully and it was a nice warm up for a bigger show in a couple of weeks time.

  • Nashend Lord Spey - First Outing
  • Highland Pony - Nashend Lord Spey

11.7.14 Late foal arrives

11.7.14  Inca presented us with a very late foal, controversially three weeks early. All done very neatly in the field, with Kate to supervise until Mother arrived to take over at 4.30 a.m. Imogen is her name and Inca is a very proud mum.

Balleroy Imogen
Late Arrival
Balleroy Inca and Balleroy Imogen
Inca & Imogen 5 Days Old

Balleroy Minstrel

Balleroy Minstrel

Sadly not all the June news was good. Balleroy Minstrel, the most prolific of winners to have been bred here, left to join his forbears. Owned and loved beyond belief by Cate Carnegie, Mins went to her as a foal and grew into the most formidable Champion of Champions. Sire of only a few, due to his strenuous showing career, but nonetheless leaving his mark on what he bred.

Canadian Visitor

Earlier in the year we had a visit from a delightful Highland pony enthusiast from Canada, by name of Sheri Larsen. Today (15.7) I had the kindest letter from her together with attached photographs, in which she said, and I quote “when people ask me what was my best experience on my holiday, I tell them the day I spent with you and your ponies was the highlight”. Just amazing what Highlands can do to people.

Candian vistor at the Highland pony stud
Sheri with Dessie and Iliona
Highland Ponies welcome vistor form Canada
Sheri with Roscoe

First Night at Boarding School!

Balleroy Spey

Spey has gone off to boarding school and will be with Philip Ward-Burton who will be showing him for the rest of the season.