Diary of a Unicorn (In Training)

Balleroy Iona in Dorset


It’s January and it’s raining. Down here in Dorset, it’s been raining for forever and, ark building aside, there has been little to distract a unicorn (in training) aside from the ever present appeal of paddock mud packs.  (I tried telling her that the piebald look is so ‘last year’ so she’s going for the full camouflage – mark my words, it’ll be de rigueur for 2014.)

Why a diary for 2014? Well, perhaps my first mistake was leaving said unicorn alone to decide on her resolutions for the New Year whilst she was checking out the latest action from the Galway Blazers on her iPad…will I ever learn?  Never one to think small, she clearly did some deep thinking and I was met next morning by an over excited Highland pony who’d decided that a diary of her adventures might prove to be entertaining.  Not one to suppress the creative urges of an expressive unicorn (in training), I went with it, even though I’d been hoping for something more along the lines of promising not to perfect the harrier jump jet manoeuvre she’s so fond of, but that’s another story...

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