Royal Windsor Horse Show
Balleroy Inca 1st. Highland Youngstock Class.
Champion Highland Youngstock
Balleroy Maverick 6th. Highland Youngstock Class.
Royal Bath and West of England Show
Balleroy Inca 2nd Highland Youngstock Class
Balleroy Maverick

3rd Highland Youngstock Class
Best Yearling

Balleroy Mercury 4th Highland Youngstock Class
Best 2 year old.
Three Counties – Malvern Show
Balleroy Rose Bud 3rd Youngstock Mixed M&M
Dunedin Fraochlan 2nd Senior Mixed M&M
Best Highland
The Royal Show – Stoneleigh
Balleroy Maverick 1st. Highland Yearling Class
Balleroy Inca 2nd. Highland 2 & 3 y.o. Class
NPS Show - Malvern
Whitefield Lady Di 1st. Brood Mare Class
Balleroy Delilah 2nd. Foal Class
Thame and Oxfordshire County
Whitefield Lady Di 1st Mixed M&M Mare In Hand
Balleroy Delilah 1st Mixed M&M Foal In Hand