Roger and Lyncrest's Rhodri
Roger & Dougie (Lyncrest's Rhodri) at Thame
Ponies UK South - May
Balleroy Mercury 1st. Mixed M&M Youngstock
M&M Champion
Balleroy Maverick 5th Mixed M&M Youngstock
Royal Windsor Horse Show - May
Balleroy Mercury 2nd Highland Youngstock
Balleroy Ivy 5th Highland Adult
National In-Hand Show - June
Balleroy Mercury 1st Highland Youngstock
Champion Highland
Dunedin Fraochlan 1st. Mature Highland class
Reserve Champion Highland
The Royal Show Stoneleigh - July
Balleroy Delilah 1st Yearling class
Balleroy Dewdrop 3rd Mares 4 y.o & over
Balleroy Rose Bud 4th Youngstock class
Malvern Highland Pony Show - August
Balleroy Ivy 3rd Novice Ridden (not exc. 14hh)
Balleroy Ivy 2nd Nursery Novice Ridden
Thame and Oxfordshire County - September
Lyncrest's Rhodri (Dougie) 1st Large Breeds M&M male
Dunedin Froachlin 1st Large Breeds M&M mare
Reserve Champion (2nd year running)