Malvern HPS
Malvern HP Show
East Soley E.C. - January
Balleroy Inca

Show Champion

Fern Farm - April
Balleroy Delilah 1st Large Breeds M&M
Balleroy Razzmatazz 2nd Large Breeds M&M
Royal Windsor - May
Balleroy Delilah 2nd highlands 1-3 y.o.
The Royal Show - July
Balleroy Inca 2nd Highland Mare
Balleroy Rooster 1st Yearling class (The Balleroy Stud has won this class for last 6 times we have been there)
Fern Farm Dressage
Balleroy Montague 2nd Prelim. 1
2nd Prelim. 7